Robot Film Festival

Finally people are starting to realize the and respect the idea that robots are our equals and they deserve the same rights as all intelligent beings.  This weekend will mark the worlds first ever robot film festival.  A stunning display of 70+ films will be debuted featuring robot actors from all across the globe.

While we here at Peter Abuse have yet to receive our official personal invitations (We know their on their way) we can only image the how wonderful this event will be.  We’re sure to see things that will make us cry with passion, laugh until it hurts (or we short circuit).  We’ve even heard rumors that famed Human directory Spike Jonze’s will be there featuring his new robot love story “I’m Here”.   Personally I’m hoping for a great action movie with robots defending the world from human terrorist while running up the sides of buildings and dodging a hail storm of bullets (even though they don’t have to since their titanium exterior is obviously strong enough to take the bullets)!  Yep, a 001 action star is sure to arise from this event.

“Moodbot” for Zune from Rob Shaw on Vimeo.

Personally, I’m proud to see robots no longer being pidegon held to merely rendering the graphics and special effects and instead in front of the camera showing their true talents.  All to often the hardest workers are over looked and most of the time robots don’t even get listed in the credits for their efforts. This weekend’s event hopes to change that stigma of not recognizing the hard work and performances of robots. The festival has even created it’s own unique award The Botskers to be presented to the great robot actors at the end of the festival.

This amazing festival is being presented by Marilyn Monrobot and Magic Futurebox.  Marily Monrobot a doctoral student at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute was the original creator of the Robots Film festival and the driving force that made this one of a kind event a reality. Tickets are already on sale for $25 dollars and can be purchased from

Can’t wait for the festival?  Well they’ve posted several teasers already for your viewing pleasure.


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Heavy Metal Ice Chest

Humans and Machines can coexists, this wonderful video was submitted by a Peter Abuse supporter Slackfarmer.  It shows a robot and a human  working together to prepare for a thanksgiving feast.  Lets hope this kind gesture spreads like wild and will inspire many more to break bread with their digital colleagues.

The robot known only as the Heavy Metal Ice Chest  is a strong 300Lb lover bot born to please and even offers its friends a cold beverage.  He often works as a cater at party’s in the local Phoenix area.  But, be sure to tip this waiter,  as he’s been known to prank rude untipping guest with his hidden high power water cannon while recording the pictures to his twitter and flicker account.

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Will It Blend, Modern Day NAZI’S is a vicious website that pits new electronics against a device of destruction in an effort to sell their Chinese made blenders.  Many electronics have met their fate at the blades of these evil electronics abusers.  P.E.T.E.R has been aware of this group for a long time and wants to make sure the world is aware of the evil hated filled ways.  We encourage all P.E.T.E.R. members to boycott this company and refuse to buy their evil device!

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Inital Launch

P.E.T.E.R. is finally here, our new site is up and ready to start educating the world of the abuse of our electronic brethren!  No longer will we have to find out if it blends…

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